Steve Brodsky is a Cantorial Soloist, songwriter, recording artist and performer from Denver, Colorado. A proud product of the Reform movement, NFTY, and URJ camps, Steve has been a “professional Jew” virtually his entire career, working as a Camp Director, Youth Director, Educational Consultant, Artist-in-Residence, and Cantorial Soloist. For many years he worked in the publishing industry, publishing Jewish educational materials for A.R.E. Publishing and producing CDs and songbooks of contemporary Jewish music for URJ Books and Music. Steve is a founding member of two Jewish rock bands: Mah Tovu (along with Yoshi Zweiback and Ken Chasen) and Sababa (with partners Scott Leader and Robbi Sherwin), and with those bands has recorded five CDs of original, contemporary Jewish music. Steve lives in Denver, Colorado with his wife Jill Katchen and sons Ben and Ari, and serves on the Clergy Team at Temple Emanuel as Cantorial Soloist and Music Director.


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