Peri is thrilled to have had the opportunity to partner with Liz Dunst and Stacy Beyer to create this extraordinary new collection of social justice songs, Together as One.  As Executive Producer on the project Peri guided the vision and the mission, reaching out to composers across the country to invite their submissions of new music to change the world.  Forty-three new compositions were submitted with eight selected for inclusion on the compilation.  The resulting album will benefit the Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism.  It has been nothing short of a highlight of Peri’s life to partner with such talented and committed artists, to record in the Music City of Nashville and to know that these songs will be sung by those who dream of a peaceful more compassionate world.

Smilow lives in the New York City area with her husband Budd Mishkin, a TV journalist and former summer camp song-leader and their daughter Allie.

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