After high school, Ashley Jo attended Mars Hill College, with a declared major of Vocal Technique and a minor in Musical Theatre.  She was a member of the touring Mars Hill College Choir under the direction of Dr. Joel F. Reed.  She also tapped into her “behind the scenes” interests and acted as Stage Manager for the Drama Department’s production of Shakespeare’s “Twelfth Night” during her freshman year.   Before she got her degree, she left Mars Hill and moved to Virginia Beach, Virginia where she waited tables and frequented the local karaoke bars for fun.

She started a family, and in 1999 she settled down in Salisbury NC where she still lives now.  Her husband Tommy put together a bluegrass band with a couple of friends.  She started performing with them as a backup singer, and they toured locally under the name Campfire Revue.  After a few roster changes, the band changed their name to No9Coal, and although she left the band in 2004 (shortly before the birth of her son) she still sits in with them now and then.  When her son was a year old, she began working for Hit Music Studios, with producers Jimm Mosher and Alan Grossman, singing background vocals for various artists.  Today she still performs radio jingles and voiceovers for local advertising companies and background vocals for select artists when she’s not on tour.

In 2005 Ashley Jo was introduced to Billy Jonas, world-renowned Folk artist and Industrial Re-percussionist.  He invited her to become a permanent fixture in his band, and she began touring with him.  In the last nine years she has traveled with the Billy Jonas Band across the United States playing at many notable venues, and along the way rubbing shoulders with a few of the country’s finest musicians, including the likes of Peter Yarrow, Bela Fleck, Roger Day, River Guerguerian, Beth Wood, Claudia Schmidt, Allison Krauss, Chris & Meredith Thompson and Canadian folk band Tanglefoot. Notably, during Easter of 2010, the Billy Jonas Band was invited to play at the White House Easter Egg Roll where Ashley Jo had the privilege of meeting and taking a photo with First Lady Michelle Obama as well as many of her favorite celebrities. The touring Billy Jonas Band is Billy Jonas and Ashley Jo Farmer, Sherman Hoover and Juan Holladay.

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