It feels very personal to me, that our civil liberties safety and dignity are being challenged. I am feeling such a tremendous divide in my country, my state, neighborhood and world. Rather than succumb to the idea of “Us vs. Them,” I want to be a voice of peace and unity. I have a mantra that I say daily which is; “I will walk as an example of the world I want to live in.” When governments and representatives can only fight with one another, I believe that music can unite our voices and hearts. When we each “remember” that at the core, we are all connected, and all want to love and be loved, then we do the real work of healing this great divide.


Judaism is about making the world a better place, to be human in a time of inhumanity. Judaism teaches us to bring justice to the oppressed, to break the chains of slavery, to stand up for the one who cannot stand. This project gave me an opportunity to stand up when I needed a little boost myself. The most marginalized members of our human family, no matter where they come from, deserve Sanctuary. This project put wind in my sails and motivated me to take action, with the guitar, with the pen, with my feet and my voice.

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