Judaism is about making the world a better place, to be human in a time of inhumanity. Judaism teaches us to bring justice to the oppressed, to break the chains of slavery, to stand up for the one who cannot stand. This project gave me an opportunity to stand up when I needed a little boost myself. The most marginalized members of our human family, no matter where they come from, deserve Sanctuary. This project put wind in my sails and motivated me to take action, with the guitar, with the pen, with my feet and my voice.

I sing off key. But songs that ignite our best selves to strive for a better world have always inspired me – and my generation-in the fight for social justice. The fight for a world we want goes on, with the Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism  leading our Movement .  It was this need that sparked the desire for the creation of new songs  to deal with new realities. With the generosity of eight wonderful artists who contributed their enormous talents, “Together as One “ was born, with all proceeds to support the Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism.

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