During these tumultuous times, it’s easy to feel helpless. But when I see my role models in the music community putting so much of their energy into creating a network of support and connection, I feel greatly inspired to participate. I’m grateful to have an outlet to express my feelings of concern for the world, and at least some small way of contributing in the struggle for a better world.
Our Jewish texts feel particularly relevant and urgent now, and it’s an honor to help bring new sounds to our cherished teachings. I hope this music sparks change and brings inspiration for many generations to come.


When the grandmother of one of my b’nei mitzvah students commissioned a song for her bat mitzvah, I found the perfect inspiration: a precocious young woman who, at 12, already walked the talk of social justice and world-healing (tikkun olam), with a stunning sense of purpose and passion. It was so clear: everything she does puts more love in the world. As a full-fledged “God wrestler” (the translation of the word “Yisrael”), in a life-long journey to divine my own purpose, I found an alignment with this young woman that felt worthy of sharing – after all aren’t we all here primarily to put more love in the world?

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